The new system for urinalysis




  Supported by the 2014 to 2020 European Regional Development Programme.

Supported by the 2014 to 2020 European Regional Development Programme.


Diagnosticap system.

The Diagnosticap™ is supplied as a complete integrated system. The system comprises a Urine container & Lid and the Diagnosticap™. The cost of the complete Diagnosticap™ system is the equivalent of a conventional, singular, 8 parameter reagent strip.


The Diagnosticap can conduct the following chemical reagent tests:

Glucose, Ketone, Specific Gravity, Blood, pH, Protein, Nitrite and Leucocytes. 




The patient provides a sample and using the screw-on Lid, seals it within the Urine container before presenting it to the clinician. The “push-fit” Diagnosticap is placed onto the Lid locking all components together. This action ruptures the watertight seal in the Lid and allows the urine to pass into the testing chamber and interact with the chemical reagent pads. The liquid sample remains isolated from the tester at all times.

The Diagnosticap incorporates conventional chemical reagent paper. The interaction between urine and chemical reagents inside the Diagnosticap is identical to that seen with traditional reagent strips. 

The Diagnosticap is supplied in an airtight storage container, 100 per container. Included in each container is a manual reader, a plastic disc detailing all the result colours required for aligned visual analysis. 

The process allows low volume urine samples be tested to a high degree of accuracy as the volume of urine is channeled directly onto the reagent pads.

Urine containers & Lids are supplied 100 per box.

Digital Diagnosticap Analyser.

The Diagnosticap system is inserted into the analyser directly after exposing the reagent pads to the urine sample. Once docked inside the analyser the internal lens automatically captures the results at specific, predetermined time intervals. Upon completion, the full image analysis data is passed to the PC via a USB cable. The USB cable also powers the desktop analyser.




The results data is presented on the PC screen via desktop software. The clinician will have the option to print out the results or upload them into the patient’s digital record.

The Digital Diagnosticap Analyser is self-calibrating, highly accurate and very low maintenance. £95+VAT. 

The Digital Diagnosticap Analyser is designed to receive the Diagnosticap™ only.

Laboratory requirements.

Samples that require laboratory analysis are sent directly to the lab without being decanted into a boric acid container. The Diagnosticap system already contains boric acid. The reagent pads within Diagnosticap are not affected by the presence of boric acid.

 A Diagnosticap system that does not contain boric acid is also available for clinicians.

 Upon receipt of the sample the laboratory unscrews the lid and Diagnosticap. The urine container is then loaded directly into standard racking for automated handling.

 The Diagnosticap system uses the same container from patient to laboratory; this creates less label printing and risk of sample mix-ups.

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Supported by the 2014 to 2020 European Regional Development Programme